VOTE “YES” Early Voting: NOW Election Day: MARCH 19th

Traffic is terrible and ONLY TRANSIT BEATS TRAFFIC. For years, Gwinnett County has needed comprehensive transportation solutions. THE TIME IS NOW to support the plan that thousands of Gwinnett residents have helped shape through an extensive public participation process.

It may be another 10-20 years before your voice and your vote can be heard on this issue.


A ONE CENT tax gets paid directly to Gwinnett County from the State

This is not a property tax increase. As a one penny sales tax, even people from outside of Gwinnett who shop or do business here will help support our future transportation needs. (about 30% of the total funds will come from outsiders)

It’s estimated to be over 5.5 billion dollars over the next 30 years that will be funded with help from visitors to Gwinnett.


GWINNETT COUNTY decides how to spend OUR transportation dollars

Gwinnett has the necessary record of transparency and fiscal accountability required to ensure that our funds have responsible, local oversight and impact.

Gwinnett First Approach.png

One of the main reasons why local leaders support Go Gwinnett is that it keeps our residents in charge of their own transportation dollars. All of the funds raised will be managed and distributed by Gwinnett, for the direct benefit of our community.

It’s an easy choice.


for our businesses

A successful economy in Gwinnett is something everyone can get behind. Our residents and businesses all benefit from the free flow of goods, services and customers in Gwinnett County.

for our students

From our own schools to commuting between regional colleges and universities, the long term success of Gwinnett County resides in supporting the empowerment of our youth. More access means more young people stay and prosper in Gwinnett.


for our residents

Good jobs require good transportation networks to bring our vast labor force in Gwinnett to and from the worksite.

More access means more for Gwinnett.

including for our elderly and disabled residents

Gwinnett is home to one of the largest populations of disabled veterans in the country.

By voting “yes” we can all make sure that everyone in our community has access to safe, convenient and cost-efficient transportation. When we can all get to the store, to the doctor or to our work, we all win.


Protect Our Environment

Reducing emissions and protecting our quality of life for future generations is our responsibility.

And, with increased access to transportation alternatives, we can create more opportunities to enjoy one of the main reasons people choose Gwinnett: our natural, scenic beauty and vast recreation areas.


Who supports voting YES to support transit expansion in Gwinnett County?

“The Gwinnett MARTA proposal answers the call to address the gravest threat to Gwinnett’s future: traffic congestion. As governor, I consistently sat across from CEOs who were considering a relocation or expansion in Georgia. In each meeting with a prospect considering the metro area of our state, the first two questions were ‘do you have transit?’ and ‘how far is this location from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport?’ More and more, large, high-paying employers would not even consider locations within metro areas that don’t offer robust transit options for their employees.”

“We can’t talk about economic opportunities if people in Gwinnett can’t get to college. Economic mobility requires actual mobility.”

“Gwinnett officials — directly responsible to the people of this county — will determine how the transit system works in our county, and they will have flexibility to meet the changing needs of their constituents. I trust our locally elected officials to implement this transit plan in a way that maximizes mobility while still prioritizing public safety.”

“As our county’s population has grown, so to have the challenges facing the fantastic first responders who serve us every day. Congested roads lead to more wrecks, more traffic fatalities and longer response times for emergency personnel to arrive on the scene. The transit plan we have before us will provide robust transportation options that will serve every part of the county, just like the Sheriff’s Department does.”

“With this referendum, Gwinnett voters have the opportunity to expand transit and build new economic mobility for our future. Georgia Democrats are committed to fighting for democracy all year round, which is why we are making every effort to ensure that every voice is heard and every vote is counted.”

“[T]he Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors recognizes that strategic investment in infrastructure to serve a dynamic, growing community is essential for continued economic and community well-being.”

“I would encourage you to vote ‘Yes’ because I think it’s a great investment,” said Beach, who said a seamless way to move across metro Atlanta’s five core counties is needed.

“This is not a vote on whether or not we want growth – we’ll add at least 300,000 new residents by 2040, regardless. This is a vote to plan smartly for growth, so that we have the capacity to move our workforce efficiently through the county and to give Gwinnett residents who work in other counties faster, more reliable commute times.”

“Local revenue funds over 40 percent of the operations of Gwinnett County Public Schools, so having a robust economy is critical to ensuring we are able to attract the best teachers and provide the instructional programs our students need to be competitive. The county’s transportation infrastructure is a vital factor in supporting that robust economy, and it needs major relief.”

"If you want to be a part of the conversation in how the county embraces the future, vote yes on Tuesday. It’s time to support something like this. The alternative is 20 mph commutes both ways.”


More access means less traffic for Gwinnett.