Gwinnett business leaders make their case for MARTA, transit expansion

By Tyler Estep

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Gwinnett business leaders are publicly lining up behind the county’s upcoming MARTA referendum, calling expanded transit options necessary to help the community stay competitive and attractive to companies and their workforces.

The outcome of the referendum could also have wider impact across Atlanta. Approval by Gwinnett’s voters may help pave the way for a more expansive, more regional transit system, an offering increasingly desired by big-time businesses looking to relocate or expand.

Rejection in Gwinnett could stop the burgeoning metro Atlanta transit movement in its tracks.

“When you look at high-performing, growing communities around the country, and around the world frankly, they have transportation alternatives,” said Gwinnett Chamber CEO Dan Kaufman. “And we don’t.”

The three dozen or so members of the Chamber’s board of directors recently adopted a resolution in support of the March 19 referendum, calling the development of transportation alternatives “vital for retaining and attracting new and expanded business” and deeming the county’s pending contract with MARTA a “desirable arrangement.”

Molly Bloom